Broad Business, Industry & Labor Support

Representatives of the business, labor, creative and entertainment communities
have spoken out in support of Viacom's litigation against YouTube.

Online theft poses a serious threat to America's creative output. Preventing online theft
is essential to promoting the robust availability to consumers of diverse and high-quality
content. When an entity such as YouTube knowingly engages in the distribution of infringing
content on a systematic, institution wide basis, its actions have broad repercussions.

Associations & Companies That Have Spoken Out In Favor of Viacom:

  1. Advance Publications, Inc.
  2. AFTRA
  3. Professor Alan Schwartz, Yale Law School
  4. Alliance of Visual Artists Umbrella
  5. Altium
  6. American Association of Independent Music
  7. American Federation of Musicians
  8. American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
  9. American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
  10. American Society of Media Photographers
  11. Apple
  12. ASCAP
  13. Associated Press
  14. Association of American Publishers
  15. Association of Independent Music Publishers
  16. Association of American University Presses
  17. Autodesk
  18. AVEVA
  19. AVG
  20. Bentley Systems
  21. Blues Destiny
  22. BMI
  23. Boz Scaggs
  24. Professor Bruce Boyden, Marquette University Law School
  25. Bruce Hornsby
  26. Business Software Alliance ("BSA")
  27. CA Technologies
  28. Cadence
  29. CBS Corporation
  30. Center for the Rule of Law
  31. Cisco Systems
  32. CNC/Mastercam
  33. Professor Connie Davis Powell, Baylor University School of Law
  34. Corel
  35. Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation
  36. Dell
  37. DGA
  38. Disney Enterprises, Inc.
  39. Don Henley
  40. Electronic Arts
  41. Gannett
  42. Garth Brooks
  43. Glenn Frey
  44. Professor Howard B. Abrams, University of Detroit Mercy School of Law
  45. HP
  46. Professor Hugh Hansen, Fordham University Law School
  47. IATSE
  48. IBM
  49. ICBC Broadcasting Holdings
  50. IIPI
  51. Independent Film & Television Alliance
  52. Inner City Broadcasting
  53. Institute for Policy Innovation
  54. International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees
  55. Joe Walsh (The Eagles)
  56. Professor John R. Allison, University of Texas at Austin
  57. Kaspersky Lab
  58. Lisa Thomas Music Services, LLC
  59. LPGA
  60. The MathWorks
  61. McAfee
  62. McClatchy
  63. Professor Matthew L. Spitzer, University of Texas at Austin
  64. Media Institute
  65. Professor Michael S. Knoll, University of Pennsylvania
  66. Microsoft
  67. Minority Media & Telecommunications Council
  68. MIMITID Corp.
  69. Minitab
  70. MPAA
  71. Music Publishers' Association of The United States
  72. The Nashville Songwriters Association International
  73. National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters
  74. National Football League
  75. NBC Universal, Inc.
  76. Newspaper Association of America
  77. Picture Archive Council of America
  78. Professional Photographers of America
  79. Progress Software
  80. PTC
  81. Quark
  82. Quest Software
  83. Radio Television Digital News Association
  84. Professor Ray Nimmer, University of Houston Law Center
  85. The Recording Academy
  86. Professor Reinier H. Kraakman, Harvard Law School
  87. Professor Robert G. Bone, University of Texas at Austin
  88. Professor Robert E. Scott, Columbia Law School
  89. Roger Waters
  90. Professor Ron Cass, Boston University School of Law
  91. Rosetta Stone Ltd.
  92. SAG
  93. Scripps
  94. SESAC
  95. Siemens
  96. Society of Composers And Lyricists
  97. Society of European Stage Authors & Composers, Inc.
  98. Songwriter's Guild of America
  99. Sports Rights Owners Coalition
  100. Sting
  101. Professor Stuart Brotman, Harvard Law School
  102. Symantec
  103. Synopsys
  104. Teamsters Local 399
  105. Timothy B. Schmit
  106. Professor Tracy Reilly, University of Dayton School of Law
  107. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
  108. Washington Post
  109. Washington Legal Foundation
  110. Professor William D. Henslee, Florida A&M University College of Law
  111. Professor Zoe Argento, Roger Williams University School of Law
  112. Zuffa ("UFC")